PTest: Personality Tests for WordPress

IMPORTANT NOTE: This plugin is no longer maintained. But it stil works with WordPress 3.x..!

Welcome to the PTest WordPress Plugin page…! PTest is a WordPress plugin. It enables WordPress site owners to create personality tests and serve these tests to visitors very easily. This plugin is more appropriate for ipsative tests; however it is also possible to implement normative tests with some re-interpretation. You can download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Repository.

In order to prepare a personality test by using this plugin, it is necessary to know at minimum the below information provided.

Personality Tests

Theory suggests that human behavior is not random but predictable and classifiable. Based on this, various personality models and tests have been devised.

In general, one can say that there are 2 types personality tests:

  • The ones that can be scored using a dimensional (normative) approach or
  • The ones that can be scored using a typological (ipsative) approach.

This plugin is more appropriate for ipsative tests; however it is possible to implement normative tests too with some re-interpretation.

How to Prepare a Personality Test?

1. Select the personality model (ie: Myers-Briggs), based on which you want to build your test.

2. Identify the personality dimensions:

MB defines 4 dimensions:

  • Attitude
  • Perception
  • Judgement
  • Cognition

3. Identify 2 poles of each dimension:

As for attitude dimension, one pole is extraversion and its opposite is introversion. For all dimensions, the poles are:

  • Attitude (Extraversion-Introversion),
  • Perception (Sensing-Intuition),
  • Judgement (Thinking-Feeling),
  • Cognition (Judging-Perceiving)

4. Determine questions related to each dimension and answers related each pole of the dimension.

As for attitude dimension, one question can be:

Are you usually

a “good mixer,” (Extravert) or
rather quiet and reserved? (Introvert)

Download a sample test, which you can implement by PTest

How to Implement Your Test with This Plugin?

1. Click “Add New Test”.

2. Write a name (ie: MBTI) and a description (Myers-Briggs) for the test. Write each pole, provide a description and also provide the related opposite pole like below:

  • Pole: E, Description: Extraversion, Opposite Pole: I
  • Pole: I, Description: Introversion, Opposite Pole: E
  • Pole: S, Description: Sensing, Opposite Pole: N
  • Pole: N, Description: Intuition, Opposite Pole: S
  • Pole: T, Description: Thinking, Opposite Pole: F
  • Pole: F, Description: Feeling, Opposite Pole: T
  • Pole: J, Description: Judging, Opposite Pole: P
  • Pole: P, Description: Perceiving, Opposite Pole: J

3. When you are finished, save the test. You will be redirected to “Edit Tests” page.

4. From the “Edit Tests” screen, click on “Add/Edit/Delete Questions” link and then “Add a New Question” link.

5. Write your question and answers. Indicate the pole, to which each answer is refering. When you are finished, save the question. Repeat this step to add all the questions.

Question: Are you usually…


  • a “good mixer,” or (Pole: E)
  • rather quiet and reserved? (Pole: I)

6. To add the test to your blog, insert the code [PTEST ID] into a post. ID is the test ID, where you can see from “Edit Test” page.

7. Go to the post’s page. If everything is OK, you are going to see the first question. Execute the test. (If you leave the question empty, a warning message will appear.)

8. When the last question is answered, the page will be posted automatically, and you will have a result like below:

Your personality profile: ENFJ

9. You may add a description for all personality types in your result screen.

For Myers-Brigss types see this page.

Note: In order to get meaningful results, it is recommended to place at least 10 questions for each dimension. If the number of questions are low, try to keep number of questions odd. Othrwise, you will come across very frequently with results like E/I, which means that the test taker scored equally on both opposite dimensions.

33 thoughts on “PTest: Personality Tests for WordPress

  1. 23 Ekim 2013 at 13:02

    Hi ! Thanks a lot for this plugin ! I would like to know if it’s possible to show the pole description at the result of the test instead of the pole_code ?

    1. Uğur Cem Yıldız
      25 Ekim 2013 at 00:00

      Hi.. With the as-is functionality, no! But it should not be very difficult to make such an addition to the script..

  2. Echo
    30 Eylül 2013 at 18:39

    Hi, I found your plugin and it seems to do exactly what I need for my WordPress website, but (I feel a little stupid) I can’t seem to get it to work as you described. I made a test with dimensions, like in your example: extroversion vs introversion “ex” and “in” and physical vs brainy “ph” “br” but when I add a question answer, I can only choose “ex” or “ph”, not their opposites. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for your plugin and your help!

    1. Uğur Cem Yıldız
      13 Ekim 2013 at 15:26

      Hi.. Sorry for late response.. You need to define each dimension one by one. ie:

      “ex” “extraversion” “in”
      “in” “introversion” “ex”

      Is it clear now?

  3. Gonzales
    17 Ağustos 2013 at 20:36


    This plugin is awesome!
    It would really help if it was also possible to create a database for the questions and the participants, is this possible?

    Hope to hear from you!

    1. Uğur Cem Yıldız
      19 Ağustos 2013 at 23:54

      Hi.. Yes it is technically possible. But for me to add, not possible :( Sorry..

  4. Xaliber
    21 Temmuz 2012 at 22:19

    This is such a great plugin. However it’s too bad that it doesn’t log/doesn’t track user results. Is it possible to make it to do so?

  5. Louise
    15 Mayıs 2012 at 13:06

    Great plugin – thank you very much!
    When a user has taken the test – Is there a way to show the user the description of the personality instead of just the number (%%PROFILE_CODE%%)?

    1. eucy
      15 Mayıs 2012 at 18:20

      Unfortunately, no.. It is necessary to maintain another table in the db, in which description of each personality type code can be defined.. And of course, some moderate modification in the code need to be done.

      1. 30 Mayıs 2012 at 22:44

        “When a user has taken the test

  6. Peter Brugss
    18 Nisan 2012 at 18:23

    Hi- somehow the number of charackters for each answer is limited. Is there a way to change that ?
    GREAT plugin btw. Ive been searching for hours for something like that!

    1. eucy
      19 Nisan 2012 at 06:31

      Character limitations on the form are coherent with the data types in the database tables. Therefore, it is necessary to modify both the forms and database objects in order to make the modif you have asked. So my recommendation is to content with the as-is :) However, I will take a note of this. I am planning to make some improvements on the plugin in the near future.

  7. Regen Said
    18 Nisan 2012 at 07:38

    How to create PAPI Kostick with this plugin ?
    Please help..


    Regen Said

    1. eucy
      19 Nisan 2012 at 06:25

      Sorry.. I have no idea about this personality inventory.. I need to investigate before giving an answer.

  8. Pablo
    27 Şubat 2012 at 18:19

    After reviewing the issue, I think it might be something with the theme selected.
    Is there a way around this bug?

  9. Pablo
    27 Şubat 2012 at 17:07

    I can’t seem to get it working, when I put the [PTest 1] it just shows the Next Question button
    How can I solve this?

    1. 05 Temmuz 2012 at 20:25

      I have the exact same issue: I can

  10. 24 Şubat 2012 at 06:15

    Are you developing the ptest plugin anymore? I notied the last update was on 04-25-11. I have installed it, created all 16 personality profile pages, 93 question test, and the resulting page gives back results with 5 characters and a forward slash (E-S- T / F-J) sometimes. Other times the 4 letters are backwards (J-T-S-E instead of E-S-T-J). And, sometimes the results are fine. Before knowing the inconsistent results, I put it live and told the site owner it was ok. She gave this test to a few clients only to have them come back and ask what the heck happened, how embarrassing.

    1. eucy
      25 Şubat 2012 at 13:47

      I wrote this plugin for a specific need in one of my web sites and shared it for free in the hope that it will be useful for others (WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY).. I am still using it without any issue (in the newest version of the WordPress) therefore I didn’t feel the necessity to touch to the code since a year.

      I can not provide any support (other than providing some comments for pointing out possible ways/approaches) for the issues that someone faced in his/her specific setting

      1. 25 Haziran 2012 at 06:46

        Thanks for your feedback in regards to what the slash means, that was helpful. I understand “it is what it is.” I just tested again and still the same issue. First time I took the test, it was correct. But, I was just now able to reproduce it again by by simply clicking “refresh” on the browser twice and profile type is reversed/backwards (editing the html on the final page without having to retake the entire test). Is it possible that other environment settings is not being taken into consideration… whether it be browser refresh, cache plugin, server settings? Quick to dismiss doesn’t help.

        1. eucy
          27 Haziran 2012 at 07:01

          Dear Jason.. I have no idea why you have such a problem. The plugin is very simple. Just check the show_test.php. It consists of just a small bunch of code that retrieves the master data and keeps record of user input. As far as I can understand from your previous message, you are interested with this plugin as a part of your professional work. So you should know PHP. And perhaps you can contribute to the code if you find something. I am stil using this plugin on the newest version of WP.. And I know that at least tens of other installations in different sites are working well, too. Good luck..

  11. David
    20 Şubat 2012 at 23:37


    Is it possible to add an option where the person completing the test has to add an email address before accessing the results of the test?

    1. eucy
      22 Şubat 2012 at 13:57

      Such a change will probably be a little bit bulky.. Perhaps you can find a simple way (by changing the javascript in showtest.php).

  12. 31 Ocak 2012 at 07:27

    I am trying to make a quiz with scoring on a scale. Meaning, if the user answers a, b, c, d to the question, each answer will hold a certain value. Does this plugin have that capability or a way of working around it so it serves the same function? End result I am trying to not tell them there score, but there survivability in emergency situations based on their score based on their answers to the questions. Thanks

    1. eucy
      31 Ocak 2012 at 08:58

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to do what you want with this plugin. However,I guess it is not very difficult to modify the code to add such a functionality. If you have some programming knowledge, you may find a workaround.

  13. Eva
    08 Kasım 2011 at 17:41

    Hi, thanks for your software! My coadmin and I want to use it for our Myers-Briggs website which gets thousands of unique visits a day.

    We just have one stubborn problem with the software that we can’t figure out which is why I’m writing. The problem is that we get the type code in the wrong order, e.g. P-T-N-I. We’ve tried re-ordering the poles, but that doesn’t work, and in fact, when we return to the Edit Test page, we find that the poles have been re-ordered again by the software! Do you have a fix for this so we can show the test result in the right order?

    We look forward to your reply!

    Eva (and Ryan)
    Admins of

    1. eucy
      09 Kasım 2011 at 17:42


      show_test.php collects the dimensions from ptest_dimensions table and put them in an array, which is ordered by their IDs.. If you create the dimensions in the correct order (ie: E,I,S,N..etc) the result will be shown as you wish..

      There are 3 ways to fix your problem:
      1. You can delete the test (all dimensions) and then re-create it (with the dimensions in the correct order.)
      2. You can directly modify the IDs of the dimensions in the database (in the ptest_dimensions table)
      3. If you will use this plugin only for MBTI tests, you can modify the code in show-test.php in order to re-allign the dimension array as you wish..

      I hope this is going to be sufficient.. Good luck..

      1. 22 Şubat 2012 at 10:28

        I may be having a similar issue. I setup the provided personality test with all 93 questions. On the results page the profile letters appear backwards PTSI. I followed the instructions in Step 2 above in the same order. Should it not be ISTP or is this the same issue?

      2. 22 Şubat 2012 at 10:47

        I also noticed if I refresh the web browser on the results page, the profile letters get reversed (which actually makes the letters the right way!). Problem is, how do you get the profile letters in the correct order…

  14. Hansi Bun
    27 Eylül 2011 at 17:38

    I have a problem setting up your plugin. I make a question on the E / I scale but I can only mark answers as I. So if people test I that’s fine. But if they test E the score is reported as I/E.

    1. eucy
      28 Eylül 2011 at 17:40

      For each question you have to define 2 statements one of which will refer to I and the other will refer to E.. You can check the example question in the ptest page.

      Question: Are you usually

  15. 24 Mayıs 2011 at 17:31

    When I add questions and I can only seem to have — E S T and J for the pole menu. My thinking may be wrong but I feel that we would need the opposite poles as well, such as I N F and P. Is this a bug that needs fixing?

    Anthony Hilling.

    1. eucy
      25 Mayıs 2011 at 17:36

      Probably, while creating the test you didn’t define the opposite poles seperately.. While you are defining one pole, lets say “E”, you should define E and I seperately:

      Pole Desc O.Pole
      E Extraversion I
      I Introversion E

      Enter into “Edit Test” page.. In the dimensions section, add the other poles into the list.. And then you will be able to see these poles, while you are adding/editing questions..

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